Esther Krogdahl

Esther KrogdahlEsther is a new Australian supernatural suspense writer and author of the Ruthless Series. Esther was inspired to start writing Ruthless in 2010 after a vivid dream gave birth to the unique story. Her overactive imagination has fed into her new passion resulting in an unpredictable and action-packed plot line.

Esther strives to learn from the works of her favourite authors such as, Geraldine Brooks, Margaret Atwood, Hugh Lunn, Kathryn Stockett and John Birmingham.

She is currently working on the final instalment of the Ruthless Series – Soulless, after releasing Heartless in January 2015.

Esther juggles her passion for writing with a full time job as a Software Architect. She loves to travel, enjoys Ultimate Frisbee and ‘gets her game on’ in her spare time. Her remaining mental capacity is spent learning to speak Spanish and occasionally, surf.

Esther didn’t realise that there were stories inside of her, but now that she’s discovered them, she can’t wait to share them with you.

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