Eternally Ruthless

Eternally Ruthless is a supernatural sensation! The novel contains some elements of horror and romance but mostly consists of fast-paced action and a number of twists and turns that leave the reader wondering where the heroine’s allegiance really lies.
The story follows Ruth Wroth, a career-driven hirer and firer, who—after her own premature death—finds herself working for GlobalCore — a global corporation that is quite literally, Hell on Earth. Her new eternal occupation entails terminating Lucifer’s human employees, effectively killing them and reaping their souls in preparation for the coming Rapture. 
Where Eternally Ruthless is unique is in its corporate portrayal of both Heaven and Hell and their divine leaders. Although Ruth is tasked with brutally murdering heinous criminals, often in terrifying situations, the book’s ever-present dark humour presents her job as similar to that of any other office worker. Compulsory ergonomic assessments and water-fountain gossip are scattered amongst brutal yet satisfying murders and nail-biting escapes.
Ruth is strong and independent, and she does not suffer fools; she is consequently not particularly lucky in love. Ruth’s abrasive nature adds complexity to her character and depth to her transition from a ruthless career woman into someone who appreciates that there is much more to life (and death) than work. She finds love, friendship and a new outlet for her extreme work ethic—plotting against the Devil himself.  

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