How do you finish writing a book?

A question that many writers ask themselves. I’m not going to lie, it is tough but it is also totally achievable. Last weekend, a good friend of mine asked me to read the first three chapters of her new book. She has never written a book or even a short story before so I was extremely impressed when I was carried away by her story.

Once I’d convinced her that she had talent (in my opinion anyway), she asked how I had managed to produce two books while working 9 til 5 in a completely different industry. Here is the advice I gave her:

Schedule your writing time (after work or on the weekend) and stick to it. I always write on Saturdays and unless I’m sick, hung over or on holiday, I ALWAYS write on Saturdays.

Choose a place to write that inspires you. I cannot be at home or else I want to do the dishes or put out the washing. I go to a local cafe and buy myself breakfast as a reward for my hard work.

Chip away at it. Don’t think about how much or little you have written, just keep writing. Before you know it you’ll have a first draft.

Don’t sweat the details. If you can’t think of the word you want to use or you are unsure of the correct grammar, then type ??? and come back to it later. You will have plenty of time to edit the story at the end. Just get to the end first!

I’m looking forward to reading the rest of my friend’s story later this year. I hope these tips inspire you to complete that half finished tale that you know has promise.


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