A recipe for an epiphany

Since my worldly travels have ended, I’ve been somewhat void of life-altering inspiration. Unsurprisingly, sitting at my desk working from 9 until 5 hasn’t facilitated any mind-blowing revelations. However, recently I pieced together a magic combination of events/activities that got my brain tingling. I now realise, I’d prepared the ingredients, but I hadn’t thought to pop them in a baking dish and throw them in the oven.

Recipe for an Epiphany

1. Travel Somewhere : 1-6 Months. The more remote and out of your comfort zone the better.

2. Reflect and Relax : Minimum 1 month. While you travel, look at yourself, your thoughts and your behaviours. How are you different now you are not stuck in the daily grind?

3. Return Home : Try to assimilate again. If you have done step 1 and 2 correctly, this will be a difficult task. This is important so you can truly appreciate the difference between your travel life and your ‘home’ life.

4. Watch documentaries about people, the universe and science. Watch TED videos like these:

5. Share your thoughts : Find content that you think is interesting and controversial. Send a link to a friend who you know will disagree.

6. Debate : Have a good-ol fashioned debate with your friend/s. Let simmer until your mind is bubbling and hissing with ideas.

7. Repeat



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