Places are Just Places Without People

I’ve been travelling for just over six weeks now and I’ve been having an absolutely amazing time. I’ve seen awe-inspiring vistas including snow covered mountains, bottomless canyons, great winding lakes, underwater menageries, even ancient architectures thriving in now modern cities. But I have a confession to make; even with all this beauty, wonder and adventure encircling me, there are times when I just plain miss my home.

I pondered this recently and asked myself why? I mean, the city of Perth, Western Australia will always be there. Little will change while I’m away and when I do return I will continue with the same lifestyle and routine I peddled through before. After some reflection, I have the answer to my question- people.

Despite meeting some amazing people whilst travelling (Mexican people are the most kind, fun loving people in the world!), these encounters have been fleeting and without lasting connection. The people that I surround myself with at home are friends and family that I truly love and miss when they are not around. Places are just places without people and people who you truly connect with are like gold- precious, rare and beautiful.

I could be standing on a ragged cliff looking out at the burnt orange sun disappearing behind the ocean while dolphins dive over purple waves beneath, but if I have no one special to share that with, then the experience isn’t as powerful. Don’t get me wrong, it is still exquisite; something that fills your chest the feeling of fortune, but it can begin to seem less satisfying than say, a casual catch up with a good friend over coffee.

So this post is just an offering for those who are caught up in the daily grind and wishing they were on a beach somewhere far, far away. There are amazing places you could be someday and I encourage you to travel as much as you can, but when you can’t, when you are at home, enjoy home. Recognize the amazing people that surround you every day and be thankful. Beaches are just beaches, cities are just cities, jungles are just jungles without people- the people you love.


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