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I love print books. I keep my favourites in an old antique bookcase in my lounge room. I have a sentimental attachment to them because they remind me of the time in my life when I read them. Their stories kept me turning the pages while I was cosy in bed or laying on a beach in Mexico or sitting in a cafe in the sun. I love books but I don’t have room to store every book I’ve ever read. Unfortunately, my “recycled” books end up gathering dust in a thrift store warehouse somewhere, never to be read again.

I decided to self-publish Ruthless in print and in eBook form for obvious reasons, but once I became the publisher and not just the reader, I began to think about the impact that decision would have on the environment (if I didn’t, my enviro sister would soon remind me). So I did some research about the impact of print books on the environment. There are lots of different articles, slants and stats on the subject but all that aside, print books = paper = trees= lack of trees= 😦

Createspace (the print publishing arm of Amazon) when questioned on the eco-friendliness of their business responded with the following, which I thought was kind of cool-

Environmental consciousness is important for the continued growth of our company. As a print on demand facility, we only print units as orders come in, which greatly reduces excess production. Additionally, we currently offer a 60# cream paper for black and white book interiors that is made from 30% post consumer waste recycled material. We also maintain a commitment torecycling waste materials that may result from the printing process. We continue to review our manufacturing practices on an ongoing basis to ensure we are doing our part to protect the environment (ref).

So I will be updating Ruthless to use the cream paper instead of white and the next instalment- Heartless will be printed on the same kind.

Also, I found this awesome website Eco-Libris that promotes planting a tree for every book you read (which basically costs $1 per plant). So as well as planting some trees, I’ve decided to reduce the cost of Ruthless in print by $3 so that readers who also love, love, love real books, can spare a dollar to plant a tree too. You can now grab a copy for just $10 USD! Then, when you are finished with it- lend it to a friend 🙂

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