Money on My Mind

I recently put together an infographic about how “successful” I am as an author (to date). The figures presented are underwhelming, which got me thinking- how else can I support this writing habit of mine? Below are a few ideas…

Affiliate Marketing

Loads of different online retailers do this but I have signed up with If you decided to buy this copy of Ruthless- by following this link– I would make about 80c on top of my usual royalty. How it works is- you sign up for an account and fill out details about your web site (through which you would be selling items). Then IF you are accepted, you can search for products and generate your affiliate link which you add to your site and hope people will click and buy. I have made almost nothing in this endeavour, but if you feel charitable… click and buy me!
Enesco Hoots N’ Howlers by Lorrie Veasey Nerd Owl Mug, 16-Ounce
Mr Robot Remote Disc Shooting Robot
An Illustrated History of 151 Video Games: A detailed guide to the most important games; explores five decades of game evolution


There are a bunch of writers competitions that you can enter and potentially win mula. Some example of competition that don’t have an entrance fee but that offer cash prizes are below:


If you have writing skills that killz then you could always sign yourself up as a freelancer or offer your services on Not exactly big bucks on offer but if you are disciplined and can manage a number of orders then it could add up and make a dent in your Gin bill.

Kick Starter

I am seriously considering creating a new project on Kick Starter to fund the second book in the Ruthless trilogy. After paying for all the coffee and breakfast I consume while writing, the book cover design and editing, I am out of pocket quite a bit. Since I have released Ruthless already, I’m hoping folks might see the potential and “back me” to complete the second. Kick starter is basically a way to get interest and donations from the public for any kind of project. You can offer “perks” such as first readings or signed copies etc as a way of enticing people, but ultimately the best method is to get people interested in your product.

Promotions – fire sale

Reducing the cost of your book or writing product in an effort to increase sales is not a bad idea -if done correctly. Speaking of which- I have a promotion on Amazon UK coming up on June 13th-19th 2014, when Ruthless will go down to 0.99p for the week. Bargain!


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