How successful are you?

People often ask me “How many books have you sold?” which innocently translate to “How successful are you?” The faux pas in this case seems to get lost in the person’s good will and excitement about the fact that I am now a published author. I completely understand, but at the same time, I wouldn’t dream of asking my real-estate agent friend, how many houses he had sold and the resulting commission. It is an odd question that pokes it’s toe across a line that probably shouldn’t be crossed.

Perhaps I am being overly sensitive, or I am starting to crack after answering the question so many times by modestly guessing the number of books I’ve sold based on the last time I’d checked (which is usually a month ago or more). Regardless, I have created an infographic that I can point curious  friends and acquaintances at, instead of bumbling through an inaccurate response. It is meant to be a bit of fun 🙂 I hope you like it.

Esther Krogdahl's success as an author


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