Presence vs. Imagination

I’m a bit of a dreamer. Most people wouldn’t know it mind you because I hide it well. I have always had this uncanny ability to take in what someone is saying to me even though I’m not listening- I’m off somewhere else in my mind.

So recently I have been reading into “How to be more present”. Why? Well, because day dreaming has it’s down sides. Often it will see me reliving an unpleasant event of the past or worrying about something that may not even happen in the future. There is a good case made by here.

So I am trying to make an effort to be present and keep myself in the moment, but then I find myself asking- is this at the cost of my creativity and imagination? If I practice being present, will I lose or weaken my ability to day dream? I mean, I’ve had some of my best ideas while my manager at work is rambling on about something I should really be paying attention to.

So I’m interested in hearing from creative crew who have also come across this forked path and chosen to live in the moment. Are you still as creative and imaginative as you once were?


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