Be an Author Supporter

In a marketing world so driven by so social media and “mass movement” it is evident that you need “supporter swell” when endeavouring to sell something to an audience wider than your field of friends and family. There are endless social media sites you can use to get likes and followers but you need more than the average share to encourage others, who have never heard of you, to click that button and officially become a supporter.

So how do you attract supporters? Good question. In my experience, I’ve found it extremely difficult to reach strangers and entice them, not only to buy my book but also to visit my web site or follow me on wattpad. But I’m new on the block and I’m learning so I’m trying not to be too hard on myself. Many authors get involved in writing communities, do blog tours and interviews, sign up for review sites, run promotions on sites like BookBub and consider cross-promotion with other authors (such as chapter swaps or multi-author box sets).

So I would like to declare my openness and eagerness to gather support from those who can most understand how important and illusive it is- other authors. If you are interested in collaborating, chapter swapping, building a short story set etc, please drop me a line and we can talk tactics. I have recently been tagged in a writing process blog tour here and I need to tag 3 other authors to continue the tour in my next post. If you are an author and you are interested in cross promotion, send me an email today at 🙂


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