A Poem – The Career Path

This is a simple poem about “climbing the corporate ladder.” I am addressing this ‘theme’ in the Ruthless sequel at the moment. I can’t say that I’ve reached the top myself but I have seen the results of others getting there and finding it is a dark place. I definitely feel like I’m somewhere on the stairs right now. I’m considering my next steps carefully.

We’re set upon a winding path the minute we are grown.

We’re led to believe it’s ours to choose and travel on our own.

In actual fact most routes we follow were paved long ago,

by trending fads, society, our family and so –

They guide us into rivalry and lead us to a contest.

We learn that the journey is really about proving we’re the best.

The pathway ends where stairs begin, the goal to take us higher.

If we continue, we’ll reach the top, but our legs will surely tire.

As we climb, the air grows thick, making it hard to see.

We ignore our concerns and stay the path while we struggle just to breathe.

A simple step is harder now, almost an impossible feat.

We stagger on but the dizzying height has really got us beat.

At the top we can move no more but we’ve succeeded where others have failed.

We are the best- superior, blind advancement has prevailed.

Be mindful when you choose your path that each step is your own.

Perhaps when pushed you’d rather take the path that is overgrown.


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