Pebble Watch Review

-By Coder Mike. Jan 2014

Are you tired of checking your phone constantly to find out the time? Well those marvellous boffins at Pebble have been hard at work on the problem and have come up with a revolutionary device you can wear on your wrist that they are calling a “watch”. This stylish new accessory is able to tell you the current time with just a subtle glance and a casual flick of the wrist.

Do you like analog clocks? No problem. Digital is your thing? Got you covered. Prefer your time to be reported in relation to the nearest mealtime from the perspective of a hungry hungry Hobbit? That is an option too. With a large array of available watch faces you can personalize your timekeeping experience to suit your needs.

How often do you find yourself in a meeting when your pocket vibrates? Are you getting a call, or a text? Did something amazing just happen on Facebook or twitter? Even worse is when your pocket starts playing that ridiculous ringtone that seemed like a good idea last time you’d had a few and everyone in the office is looking around for the culprit. The pebble is able to communicate with your phone and let you know who is calling. It can pass on the contents of SMSs, emails, even Facebook and twitter notifications to the screen of the device. It will even vibrate to let you know that something has happened. Since getting my pebble watch my phone has been on silent for over a year and I haven’t missed a call, a text or a cute picture of a cat!

Did those magnificent masterminds at pebble stop there? Of course not. How about the ability to see artist/track information for that catchy tune pumping through your headphones, pause the music right from your watch when someone wants to talk to you or even skip to the next track when that mood-killing song interrupts your flow.

You might think such an amazing device would require a lot of power and demand constant charging but the Pebble uses an eInk display (the same that’s in your kindle or eReader) and a new-fangled low power Bluetooth connection to talk to your phone. All of this means that I only charge my Pebble Watch once a week and it doesn’t drain the battery life on my phone either.  In fact, as I turn the screen of my phone on a whole lot less, I get more life out of my phone charge each day!

I was just an ordinary guy but since putting on the Pebble Watch I’ve become a futuristic cyborg, directly wired into the pulse and flow of the internet. I’m no longer a slave to my phone; I have become its master and begun to build a personal cloud of devices that make me more powerful than those around me. That’s the experience that’s waiting for you. That’s the Pebble Watch.

-Esther says

Thanks Mike! For those who are interested, you can pick one up easily enough right here: Pebble Smart Watch for iPhone and Android Devices


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