Author Pimp-pin with Social Media

I recently attended a ‘Sales with Social Media’ seminar run by Frank Furness. It was very interesting and gave me some solid ideas around how I can use and improve my social media footprint to market myself as an author.

Frank didn’t focus on the gamut of social media sites and technology such as Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Pinterest, Instagram, etc., but he did stress that having complete and interesting profiles in these sites is beneficial. The focus was really on having a web site (what ever that may be i.e. a blog site, a custom web site or a Facebook page) and making sure that the content on that site was interesting, current and dynamic. The trick is to encourage as many people to your web site as possible and keep them coming back.

Frank also made the excellent point that some people are more visual or audial than others and therefore would prefer video or audio content over text. Creating YouTube videos and linking them on your web site is a great way to connect with those people and keep content interesting.

So, what is the best way to get people to your web site?… Google.  Getting your site returning on the first result page of Google is the key, but its not that simple. You can start by consistently using tags and keywords that represent you or your brand throughout your site and interlinking your sites and site pages. More important though is content and VOLUME of content. The more content you have speckled across the interweb world that links back to your site, the better. Frank has a number of tips and tricks for getting your web site out there, including using sites like pingomatic and sitemap, but I won’t steal Frank’s thunder there- he explains these techniques in his seminars and on his web site:

So, what have I done with this information? I have investigated some “tag lines and phrases” that I think represent me as an author and Googled these to see what my competition is like. I’ve used these tags throughout my web site and I’ve taken advantage of pingomatic and sitemap. I will be putting together a YouTube video soon to advertise a competition I’ll be running from my web site and I’ve found some influential people to provide content for my site too. I am writing new content every week (like this blog post) and I am considering converting some content into articles which I will publish through popular article sites.

I spent time updating my LinkedIn and Google+ profiles and I am planning a public Pintrest site. I still haven’t gotten my head around Twitter. I’m pretty vocal on Facebook already and I am considering Instagram.

So I’ll keep you posted as to my success in climbing the Google result ladder.


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