The Non-US Self-Publishing Tax Attack

Ruthless is in CreateSpace, its been proof read, accepted and is all ready to go… EXCEPT there is a small hiccup when it comes to the mula side of things. You cannot sell your book on Amazon without either first obtaining and registering a US Individual tax number (ITIN) or even better- a Employer Identification Number (EIN).

So for anyone tackling the same taxing task- check out this fantastic blog post:

Update: don’t follow the blog blindly- the phone menu numbers it says to push are wrong- just listen to the options yourself. Be prepared to be on the phone for quite a while. It took me about 90 mins. Once you have your EIN fill out the W-8BEN form. The royalties code for Australia is 12 and the % withheld is 5% (I checked that here under Royalties). Finally, the Address for CreateSpace is now:

C/O Vendor Maintenance,
PO Box 80683,
Seattle, WA, 98108-0683

I have an ABN hanging around from my youth (working as a IT research and development contractor in the basement of an old folks home) which I am about to quote to the IRS. Wish me luck! I’ll provide updates as I progress.

Update: Success! I have an EIN and Amazon is ready to sell my books! I haven’t submitted the W-8BEN yet but I’m running through that now. Good luck!


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